The Photographic Art that is found on this website is original and one of a kind. I have designed it to be non-reproducible and it has no need of a copyright. The image or multiple images are custom matted, have a unique and selected wooden frame and are under non-glare glass. They are ready to hang by the buyer who feels they match a given lifestyle and/or environment.

It is my feeling that a camera is as much of an artist’s tool as a brush, canvas or a pencil. Yet, the art consumer should not be beggared by the desire to own and display originals for their
own or others’ pleasure. By creating my art with this goal in mind, I am able to sell it at prices that are consistent with getting it to as broad a patron base as possible. I cover all image subjects, colors, styles, and sizes. My goal as an artist is to sell my original work and not fall victim to the normal artist problem of what to do with newly finished art. You would be surprised as to how it piles up in the corners of my studio.

Finally, I wish to be thought of as an Artist and included in this rank, not as a specific category of artist. It took me 25 years to figure the proto-plan for marketing my work, the philosophical definition of my art and my style: then along came the World Wide Web. Ain’t the NET great!

There will always be new work found here and if any of the variables mentioned above need to be altered to fit the specific requirements of a patron, that can be handled also. I will always have ready to hang art available, either off the wall or custom ordered.